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Electric screen printing conveyor dryer DELTACURE

Electric screen printing conveyor dryer DELTACURE

DEL series electric dryer is affordable multitask tunnel dryer. With its segmental chamber design provides choice of productivity speeds. The choice of belt widths (24” - 60”) determines the max. curing element size. Compact transportation package foot print lowers transport cost and provides easy floor access. Conveyor belt system driven by AC gear reducer controlled with frequency converter drive. Belt  speed is readable on LCD display. Remote belt speed adjustment possibility. Temperature true-on belt reading, PID temperature regulator control, independent heat chambers  power supply and temperature settings. Low energy consumption is assured with 100 mm insulated walls, efficient IR ceramics and segmental  design. Exhaust of fumes is gravitation type, while it do not affect temperature stability in heat  chamber. Hot air adjustable flow with thermal insulated drive provides great flexibility in curing. ANY INK ON ANY SUBSTRATE CURING with DEL series tunnel dryer. As DEL series tunnel dryer combines 3 way of heating transmission it becomes universal for many  substrates and ink types. In general DEL's series dryer can work in 3 modes: IR MODE explanation While Ceramic Infra Red heat elements provide heat as IR radiation transmitted directly into curing  substrate. We benefit from IR radiation with low heat losses spread into surrounding air in heat  chamber. We can also fit our transmitted wave length into the requirements of specific ink. Common  mistake made by other manufactures is use of hight adjustment for IR elements. The reference point  for temperature sensing is lost in such situation and calibration must be done for each height  level separately.

HOT AIR MODE explanation
Hot air is necessary for proper water and solvent ink curing. The flow amount and temperature is  crucial in this process. The air flow is transmitting energy from Ceramic panels IR radiation into  convection of HOT AIR. For this mode the temperature sensor will need offset for proper readings  according to IR MODE.

MIX OF HOT AIR + IR MODE explanation
In this mode we combine IR radiation with HOT AIR convection. By reducing air flow amount we keep IR ceramic panels in higher temperature providing IR radiation. However we have also hot air low  flow amount blowing. This configuration might be used for transfer paper printed with plastisol ink  curing. While substrate is highly temperature sensitive and ink demands certain energy amount absorption to be cured.

Specifications DEL 2479 DEL 2499 DEL 3899 DEL 38158 DEL 4899 DEL 48158 DEL 60158
Belt widht 61 cm 61 cm 96 cm 96 cm 122 cm 122 cm 152 cm
Power 8,8 kW 10,5 kW 16 kW 27 kW 20,5 kW 33,5 kW 40 kW
Curing area 200 cm 250 cm 250 cm 400 cm 250 cm 400 cm 400 cm
Inlet/outlet 50/50 cm 50/50 cm 50/50 cm 75/75 cm 95/95 cm 120/120 cm 120/120 cm
Total length 300 cm 350 cm 350 cm 550 cm 440 cm 640 cm 640 cm
Air convection + + + + + + +
Cooling unit + + + + + + +
Total weight 420 kg 480 kg  600 kg  920 kg 730 kg 1180 kg 1330 kg

·Ceramic heating elements with wave length 3.3 um suited for plastizol inks curing while operated with nominal power
· With even power density across belt width and low maintenance cost

· IR combined with adjustable flow HOT AIR provides full control over IR radiation, amount of  convection flow and temperature
· We offer much more sophisticated curing process than just temperature setting

· All heat chambers are made of 2 or 2.5 meter length segments. Mostly used are 1 or 2 heat  segments depending of productivity needed.
· The heat segments can be disassembled quickly into basic elements enabling installation throw  narrow doors or throw staircase

· Air circulation with adjustable flow, sucking air leaving heat chamber and guiding it evenly to  the conveyor belt
· Air is spreading around ceramic elements exchanging heat with it
· Blower motor is temperature isolated

·DEL series dryer provide wide range substrate and ink drying. Plastisol ink, Water base ink,  solvent inks, Substrates can be textile , plastic, paper foil and other also temperature sensitive  materials. With this very specific feature it is possible curing high power density demanding inks  like plastisols on temperature sensitive substrates as paper. This we achieve using unique feature  of simultaneous IR emission with substrate cooling.

· Smart design do not cost more in manufacturing and gives all advantages of having efficient and  multifunctional dryer

· As described above temperature might mean different things for different curing process .Good  understanding of this knowledge will help in curing process. Whatever MODE we work with DEL-series  dryer it stays temperature and power density stable.

· 100 mm insulated walls
· adjustable in/out shutters
· reflective inside material for IR low penetration
· adjustable exhaust chimney for low fumes losses

· Control interface consists of PID temperature regulator
· belt speed regulation with LCD visualization
· air circulation with flow adjustment
· heating ON/OFF switch
· LED power light signalization
· E-STOP, ON/OFF Buttons in standard

· Build of heat resistant Fiberglas Teflon coated heavy duty belt
· Driven by direct-on shaft AC reducer controlled with frequency converter
· Its truly industrial drive with LCD display speed display
· Both direction operation

· 2 year warranty
· service agreement on special conditions

· 3 color light tower for dryer stage signalization
· customized heat chamber and inlet / outlet
· UV heat chamber
· LCD signalization for air circulation blowing flow

Model: DEL 24158A
Installation year: 2016
Model: DEL38158A
Installation year: 2016
Model: DEL 38158A
Installation year: 2016
Model: DEL3899AC
Installation year: 2015
Konlev Print
Model: DEL 2460
Installation year: 2015
Model: DEL 38158A
Installation year: 2015
Model: DEL 48236AC
Installation year: 2014
IP Sharonov
Model: DEL 60158AC
Installation year: 2014
Reklama Pro
Model: DEL 38158AC
Installation year: 2014
Grand Style
Model: DEL48158A
Installation year: 2013
IP Nosov
Model: DEL 38158A
Installation year: 2013
A.V.T. Sport
Model: DEL4899A
Installation year: 2013
Mos Ian Teks
Model: DEL 38158AC
Installation year: 2013
Onix Print
Model: DEL 2479A
Installation year: 2013
Lora Print
Model: DEL 2479A
Installation year: 2013
Tipography Style
Model: DEL 2479A
Installation year: 2013
Viola Bei
Model: DEL 2479A
Installation year: 2012
Model: DEL 60158A
Installation year: 2006
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