Prepress equipment

Экспонирующее устройство LIDER COMPACT использует систему металлогалогенных ламп с отполированным до зеркального блеска отражателем, которые позволяют избежать обычного светорассеяния...

Exposure unit LIDER COMPACT
Max. frame size 125х150 cm
Type of lamp Metal/Halogen
Max. lamp power 5 kW
Integrator and photocell Yes

ALPHA LIGHT exposure units are totally enclosed exposure systems suitable for use in an open work room...

Exposure unit ALPHA LIGHT
Max. frame size 127х172 cm
Lamp UV
Max. power 5 kW


Exposure unit EXON
Max. frame size 150х200 cm
Lamp Metal/Halogen
Max. power of lamp 8 kW
Integrator and photocell Yes

Through the use of laser cutting and CNC bending techniques,  the SED Screen Drying Cabinet is constructed with precision  that is unmatched by our competition Printex carefully selected...

Screen dryer
Max. frame size 70х170 cm
Number of cabinets 5
Power 2,1 kW
Temperature control PID